Our approach is grounded on Gartner's recommendations by:
  • Providing value by pairing our specialized strategic sourcing suite with other Best of Breed P2P suites
  • Focusing on what you do best allows for a more custom approach that meets the needs of businesses through increased options and competition

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What is Iasta's approach to S2P?
How does Iasta help solve your biggest problems in upstream procurement?
Iasta as a solution set is focused on the upstream side of the procurement wave. As you can see from the graphic on the right, our upstream solution set is broken down in our Iasta Sourcing Suite, which contains core elements of:
Iasta Sourcing Suite also includes processes related to Supplier Management that encompasses core aspects of our tool set:

Finally, across the base is a key element of our solution set, Iasta Analytics, which contains:

Accelerate your procurement organization to the next level of sourcing excellence!
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